The Moogrill – Cheap but tasty Steak

You could be reading this approaching lunch… perhaps a little peckish. Now you could head down to Tesco’s or Boots for a £3.50 lunch? No? How about Pret or Wasabi? Too conventional? Well just on an off-chance, whilst wondering about the back Bishopsgate we tripped over this great alternative.

IMG_20130220_134103Cheap steak sandwich you say? Well maybe, but not poor quality by any means, and this is definitely because of the legendary Argentinian Beef.

It’s got a busy vibe as you’d expect at lunchtime in the city, but we were shown to our table quickly. The service was very quick as well, beers brought to us swiftly. Now you can go for the full steak meal here, but we went for a ‘Lomitos’; an Argentinian gourmet steak sandwich. These come in a variety of options but we went for the Milanga which is a steak milanese (breadcrumb covered with parsley), mozzarella, ham, lettuce, tomato & American mustard.

Like the drinks, the sandwiches arrived quickly and they smelt excellent. When IMG_20130220_134207biting into the lovely sandwich the meat was so tender – no sinew, or gristle. at all. Flavours were all there with good fresh ingredients and for £6.75 a sandwich it’s a massive bargain.

If you’re in the area, defintely go along.

£8-10 per head

+44 207 377 9276

4 Cobb Street, E1 7LB


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