Bucci’s – Balham

2014-03-09 20.10.41So in the ever improving Balham there is a bit competition for decent Italian’s with Ciullo’s just up the road (and reviewed earlier on this website also) and this throw of the dice from Bucci’s. With a fine atmosphere, a genuine sense of being in Italy and a brilliant cost basis to work from this is definitely worth a serious consideration.

2014-03-09 20.10.34The fiancé and I first attempted to get a table on a whim a few weeks before but due to not a chair being available were promptly turned away. The night we were turned away was a Sunday night – after wondering down Balham High Street, passing Lambert’s a few other venues and noting all were largely empty besides Bucci’s serenely rammed and no doubt making a killing. I always feel it is a much better bet to go somewhere people vote with their feet, so undeterred we returned – and it was very much worth it.

2014-03-09 20.48.19In complete contrast to my previous review at Goodman, where cost can spiral upwards faster than a cows’ methane, this is far more reasonable – an Italian where you can have generous sized pizzas and old Italian classics. Because of a staff shortage and another very busy night we were kept waiting a little; but when the staff realised they hadn’t seen to us in reasonable time and running around like blue-arsed-flies they deposited a fresh tomato pizza bread on our table on-the-house. Eventually getting to us we ordered starters, mains and some wine. With the starters arriving at a fair clip we got some more of the frankly fantastic tomato pizza bread and some garlic mushrooms – almost roasted with garlic, pepper and basil the mushrooms were succulent and moreish

2014-03-09 20.45.05With more wine on the go I went for the special of the day Lobster linguini, with Katie going for Veal escallops with aubergine, tomato and mozzarella. To say the Lobster linguini was an average plate of food is not doing it the remotest margin of justice – a massive platter centred with half a lobster, packed full of lobster meat, masses of linguini, sun dried tomatoes and a lovely sauce… all for £13 – an absurd bargain.

For everything it encapsulated a bill of about £55, with happy-go-lucky service and fresh well treated ingredients it is highly recommended.

£20-30 per head inc wine

Tel +44 20 8673 5459


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