JinJu Ramen Dining – JinguMae Tokyo

2013-10-18 15-19-49 - 20131018_151950Considering Tokyo is known as the culinary Mecca, the top dog, the big cheese and crowning glory of Michelin it is quite refreshing to know that you still can find crap food there.

When I say refreshing, everyone hopes when they go for a meal they aren’t met with crap. Alas occasionally it happens, and these places need to be publicised quickly to ensure others never get kicked in the gut royally.

To be fair the first course of Yakitori – fresh barbecued chicken with soy sauce was pretty good. However going through to the main Ramen dish this eatery gave a massive ‘kerpow to the kisser’.

The dish comprised of noodles, cooked boiled egg, spinach, chicken, beef, seaweed and some tofu. The boiled egg was rank, rubbery to the extreme, the chicken had a massive load of greasy fat attached to it, the beef was so chewy any amount of mastication would do no good whatsoever, the seaweed sheets were like cardboard, and the tofu looked like it was made several months ago. Frankly the only thing OK was the noodles, but putting all those poor ingredients into a broth, then made the broth taste so sickly as to force a heave or two.

Quickly swilling the left over beer back and consuming some mints quickly, we promptly left.

I suppose it is good to occasionally visit awful places as you can more easily recognise the good places in contrast. Advise is important in this regard never, ever go.



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