The Bobbin -Friendly Clapham Gastro-Pub


In complete contrast to my last post about a pub, this pub seems acutely aware how to retain a nice pub atmosphere whilst also being able to serve a good standard of food without any serious issues…

It’s not that hard a task to accomplish is it? In my opinion the standards of food, restaurants and general impressions have markedly improved for what has been produced and served in the UK over the last two decades. When this is born in mind it always leaves a sense of frustration that any venue that touts itself even in the smallest regard, fails to achieve a decent standard.

Wondering around Clapham Old Town one Saturday, we tripped over this pocket-sized pub showing off what looked to be a good menu. Appearances are definitely not deceptive in this case.

Upon walking in there are some lovely touches to the layout of the dining area such as a nooks tucked away here and there, giving a homely feel to the establishment.

This is a self confessed gastro-pub and the smells greeting you as you enter attest to that. I ordered some Salmon and Dill fishcakes with Hollandaise sauce, whilst my better half ordered a Ceaser salad.

Both dishes arrived promptly by decent staff members, and were both delicious. Great flavours and balanced textures in both dishes. These guys do definitely know how to throw a dish together.

£15-20 per head including drinks

020 7738 8953

1-3, Lillieshall Road, London, SW4 0LN


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